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Robust Southwest blend of sea salt, dark brown sugar, sweet smoked paprika, cumin, ancho chilies, chipolte, Mexican oregano, and garlic. Great on steaks, chicken, pork butt and ribs, carne asada, and burgers.


A fragrant blend of  fleur de sal, black truffle, fennel pollen, herbs, and lavender. Great with lamb, poultry, wild salmon, and game.

Raptor Ranch

10% of all sales of Chef Drew’s Raptor Rubs are donated to support the important programs underway at Raptor Ranch.

Raptor Ranch is located on several acres of remote land in the Rocky Mountain foothills of western Montana. The area is already the home of many endangered and injured raptors like the Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and the Gyr Falcon. A tranquil location, Raptor Ranch provides the perfect environment for promoting the healing and breeding of these stately birds of prey.

For more than 30 years, Raptor Ranch has nursed hundreds of birds back to health, subsequently releasing them into their native habitat. Some of the birds Raptor Ranch has rehabilitated include: Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons. Gyr Falcons, Goshawks, Merlins, Harris Hawks and Great Horned Owls.

Currently Raptor Ranch is home to more than 50 birds with health needs ranging from broken wings to blindness. Orphaned birds are also taken in and nursed until they can be released back into the wild.

Volunteer responsibilities include feeding as well as care for the birds and their shelter. Please write us at if you are interested in a rich opportunity to learn more about these majestic birds.

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